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Racoon- Xtend Thermal Defence

Protection for your hair when styling with hot tools


Racoon -Xtend Thermal Defense protects your extension hair and own hair when styling with heated styling equipment.

Racoon -Xtend Thermal Defence is a water-based product that contains a high level thermal protection with intensifying and conditioning properties. It is alight non-sticky spray especially designed to protect extension hair as well as your own when using straightening irons and blow-dry styling techniques. 

Thermal Defence spray has been developed by product experts to formulate an exclusive heat protector that meets the special needs of extended hair. The spray delivers good holding results that are defiant to humidity, yet is simple and easy to wash out, leaving no build up. 

For Effective Results: 

  • For blow drying, Hold 8 inches from the head and spray directly on to wet hair
  • For styling with heated tools on dry hair, Spray on to dry hair before using heated appliances, working in small sections
  • When using heated appliances, Always avoid direct contact with the bonds as this will cause them to soften.

Weight: 150ml